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Koffie met de Toekomst (ENG): From Happiness to Humanity at the Office

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In this edition of Coffee With The Future, we're honored to have international correspondent Tanmoy Goswami as our guest. Tanmoy has a background in business journalism, but nowadays focuses his writing on sanity and mental health. However, the topic of wellbeing at the office connects his two specialties.

Tanmoy's proposal for more sanity and mental health at the office? That we take our HR focus away from 'Happiness at the Office' and turn it towards 'Humanity at the Office'. Happiness at the office, he argues, has worldwide been eaten by a corporate craze for productivity. It has increased the number of ping pong tables and Friday drinks, but it has not brought an increase in wellbeing of employees.

To substantially increase wellbeing at the office, Tanmoy says, we need a vision that goes beyond increasing productivity. He recommends HR policy to strive for 'Humanity at the Office'. This can happen on multiple layers: approaching our clients with humanity, but also our suppliers, the content of our work, our broad ecosystem of stakeholders and, of course, our colleagues and ourselves. Are you ready for a refreshing new take on wellbeing at work? Tanmoy will join us from New Delhi to explain:

> Why Happiness at the Office is ineffective
> What Humanity at the Office means
> How we can avoid falling in the same traps with Humanity at the Office as we have with Happiness at the Office
> How we can increase Humanity at the office, as individuals in our teams and as influencers of HR policy

There will be time for Q&A. We hope you'll join us to learn from this internationally renowned journalist on mental health and business!

You can join the event via this link: https://meet.google.com/jyr-tjjs-nwu.

Signing up for the event with your email address here below is recommended, as you'll receive a calendar invite, a reminder and the presentation and recording of the talk.  

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Heb je interesse in mentale en fysieke gezondheid op kantoor? Vermoed je dat de slogan 'Happinness at work' ons niet voldoende helpt om gelukkig op het werk te zijn? Dan is dit inspirerende event voor jou.

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  • Dit evenement is afgelopen: 28 oktober 2020 om 13u

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